Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

At Able Cabinets, bamboo is imported in large sheets so that the door and drawers can be cut from one sheet, and the grain will match across all your cabinetry. This effect creates a beautiful, warm, and harmonious appearance. In addition we can finish the bamboo in any stain or color to perfectly match your décor.

Visible surfaces of the cabinetry such as the doors, drawers, and exposed sides are solid ¾” bamboo, while the cabinet boxes are solid ¾” furniture grade plywood construction.

Even though Bamboo is a grass and as such is a renewable and sustainable product that does not involve deforestation; it performs like a hardwood and is strong, durable, and resistant to humidity. In the past bamboo was primarily used for flooring but its use for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry is becoming more and more popular as homeowners become aware of the beauty and performance of bamboo.





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