At Able Cabinets, our Vanities are designed to provide you with a quality custom product at a reasonable price.

Most cabinet stores only carry premade vanities that have specific dimensions and limited choice for counter top colors, sink sizes and shapes, standard handles or mirrors, etc.  For customized or special projects, some local manufacturing companies may not even be interested in meeting your design needs for a small project like a vanity.

Unlike other cabinet stores, Able Cabinets is unique in being able to provide you with solutions for all your bathroom design needs.

We are able to provide customers the choice of premade vanity, semi-custom vanity or even a vanity based fully on your design.

We carry a wide variety of materials for you to pick out your perfect cabinet. You would only need to tell us how you want it and we will get it done for you. There are no limits on your creativity at Able Cabinets.

The process of choosing the perfect vanity can be as simple as the following steps:

1)      Select your style.

We have a wide range of styles ranging from sleek and modern, to eco friendly options such as bamboo, to classic and antique styles. You can choose furniture style with legs, built in to the floor, or floating styles.  If you need us to match paint or stain colors we can do that too.

2)      Let us know the dimensions you require.

All our vanity styles can go from 12” width to 120”width or more.  The height of the vanity before the counter tops are available from 12” height for floating, to 34 ½” height for tall vanity. The depth of the vanity is available in 18”, 21” or custom.

3)      Select your counter top.

We have a wide range of natural stones and engineered quartz.  With over hundreds of different colors of materials you can definitely find the perfect counter top to match your existing tiles, wall or vanity.

4)      Choose your accessories.

We have wide selection sinks, handles, faucets, mirrors, medicine cabinets and linen tower.  If you don’t find the perfect sink or faucet you can bring your own.  It does not stop there.  You also can match the same door style for your kitchen cabinets, bar, desk, TV entertainment, closet and more.




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